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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Teacher: No, no, no, no. Like this. Student: I got it. I got it. Teacher: No, not like that. Like this. Now do you have it? Student: Yeah, I got it now. Teacher: No, no, no, no, no. Look, like this. Got it? Student: Oh yeah. Now I get it. Teacher: Good. Now try it again. Let me see it. Student: See, I got it. Right? Teacher: Ugh. No, not like that. Like this. Now try again. Well, you know what, never-mind. It looks good. Student: OK. Whatever.   How many times do you see students and teachers frustrated because they do not understand what the other really wants? How many times do you hear frustrated teachers in the faculty room because their students do not understand how their work is supposed to look? How many times do you hear students mumbling underneath their breath that they don't understand what in the heck the teacher wants? And how many times have you been that student growing up or even that teacher when you have 29 other students you want to check on? (So much for the communicat…