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PETE&C 2016 Reflections

I attended my first PETE&C conference this past week with my district's technology director. What an incredible amount of sharing from so many passionate educators. There were so many practical, student-centered, and forward thinking ideas there that were shared. With all of the positive energy and exciting ideas, I couldn't wait to get back into my classroom and start to try them all.
But with so many ideas to take away from PETE&C 2016, where would I begin? So, I started reflecting about my time at PETE&C, and the biggest take-away for me, after reflecting, was the idea of sharing. All of those educators were there to share, so that teachers and students could have better learning experiences going forward. Then it became clear to me. I have to stop thinking about my classroom and starting thinking about the school and the district. Now the only question, how do I effectively help bring back all of those exciting, practical, student-centered, and forward thinking …

Following Grandpa

I remember going on family vacations when I was younger with all of my family. It was something I looked forward to each year. I got to spend a week at a beach with my cousins, crazy uncles, and all the other family members that decided to come along for a week of rest and relaxation.
Every year started the same. Everyone had to meet at my grandparents' house and leave together in a big caravan. We were then all forced to follow my grandpa, who was notorious for always driving 5 mph under the speed limit. The trips always went that way, until we stopped for the first break, which was usually for an early lunch. It was then a rush for each family to sit, eat, pay, and get out before my grandparents were done. Why? Because then we could all drive out our own, comfortable, and law-abiding pace. We were not forced to be behind my grandfather's pace. In the end, we all got safely to the beach that same day, but just different times and with much less frustration than the first part…

The Great Wall

Having 13 devices in my room has been a dream come true. No longer can I complain about not having the tools to move my students' learning into the 21st century. No longer can I complain about not having time in the computer lab (an outdated use of a room anyway). No longer can I sit and wait until change happens. No longer can I make excuses.
The responsibility is on me to use the tools, all the tools, in my classroom to make learning happen, meaningful, and wait for it, enjoyable. The 4C's (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), that are so widely talked about, are also my responsibility to incorporate into my classroom.
What I am starting to realize more than ever, is that the devices I have are just additional tools in my classroom. They are not the be all end all. These tools definitely bring a lot more potential into the classroom, but it is still the pedagogical skills and relationships that are built that make a successful classroom. The 4C&#…